Thank you for your interest in our organization. At the present our membership is $100 a year for returning members and $100 + a $50 initiation fee for new members, if you let your membership lapse you will have to pay the additional $50 to rejoin. For this you will receive the newest HAP manual and can attend our free annual dinner. So send in those dues, lots of great information coming your way this year!! You can mail them to CCPOMA, P.O. Box 967, So. Dennis, MA 02660.

In addition, our attorney Mr. Michael Pierce, charges a discounted rate, should you wish to retain him for any problems you may have with your tenant. He is the guest speaker at least once during the year to educate our members, pertaining to Massachusetts Tenant Landlord Laws.

Cape Cod Property Owners and Managers Association, Inc. has a Code of Ethics of CCPOMA which you find below. Please read it carefully before signing up.

Please click on this link: CCPOMA CCPOMA membership Application(1)(1)


The members of the Cape Cod Property Owners and Managers Association, Inc. do hereby consent to the following Articles as regards to the conduct of their business of providing rental housing:

Article I

We will abide by all State and Local housing codes.

Article II

We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner and share a spirit of friendly cooperation with our fellow property owners and managers and avoid the use of unfair competitive practices.

Furthermore, the members of the Cape Cod Property Owners and Managers Association, Inc. encourage and promote the following aspirations to be part of their normal and usual policies and actions:

  • To give a prompt response to any and all tenant requests.
  • Absentee landlords should have local representation.
  • If away for an extended period of time, local landlords will provide for alternative representation for their tenants in case of emergencies.
  • Cooperate with enforcement agencies concerning health code issues.
  • Maintain exterior of buildings and grounds in a manner that is a credit to the neighborhood.
  • Recognize the authority of this Association and its Executive Board in all matters relating to the interpretation of the Code of Ethics.


The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to police ourselves. If a member property owner or manager has a complaint against another member concerning Articles I or II in particular, then they should submit said complaint in writing to an officer at the Cape Cod Property Owners and Managers Association, Inc.’s address. A three member committee will then be appointed to investigate the complaint, attempt to resolve it amicably, or to make a report to the full Executive Board at their next regular scheduled meeting within a month. At that time both parties will have the opportunity to present their cases. In private session the full Board will then vote on the merits of the complaint and if warranted, make a recommendation for sanctions, and then notify both parties in writing of their decisions. If desired, there may be a one time appeal to the full Executive Board. The Board’s decision will then be final and binding.